Morton FKM 3000 Plough Mixer (Fully Refurbished)


Refurbished Plough Mixer.
Material: 316 Stainless Steel.
Total Volume: 3000 litres.
Optimum Working Volume: 900 – 2100 litres.
Container Jacketed: Stainless steel, WP 5.0 Bar (g).
Endplates Jacketed: Stainless steel, WP 5.0 Bar (g).
Main Drive: 36-75Kw, original 36kW drive available.
Serrated mixing blades with hard metal treatment.
Choppers: 4-off, 7.50kW High Speed Chopper Assemblies with multi-blade cutters.
New chopper motors.
Inlets: 1-off ø200mm, 1-off ø400, 1-off ø150mm.
Discharge: DN 200 electro/pneumatic slide valve.
2-Inspection/access doors.
Internal finish: Highly polished.
External Finish: Satin bead blast finish, mild steel parts painted.
Electric Panel: Standard panel with soft start module, timers, push buttons etc… To be confirmed.
All electrics compliant with current regulations.
Electrics: 400V/3ph/50Hz.
CE Marked.
12 month warranty.

The Multi-Mixer is designed to meet the demands for fast, precision mixing of components with wide ranging quantity proportions, densities, structures and flow characteristics.

Multi-Mixers operate on the principle of a mechanically generated fluid bed with 3 dimensional movement. They are perfect for mixing a range of components from fine powder to heavy pastes such as putty and marzipan.

Typical applications include: Coal briquettes, animal feed, detergents, muesli bars, cement blends and municipal sludge conditioning.

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